In Awaken Your Inner Goddess Blueprint Course we can discover ways to repattern our energy field so we can reduce setbacks and stop self-sabotaging. Life takes on genuine partnerships, with more confidence and deeper connections with others who 'get us'. My step-by-step course will prepare you. 


When our inner light is shining, the world sees us in our beauty and responds to us in a more elevated way. If you have ever felt lost, alone, as though you don't fit in, then you will want easy strategies to open yourself so you can be more empowered to up-level this adventure we call LIFE. 


As we bring to the bountiful platform, our desires and goals, we want to feel we can receive them courageously.
 If we are wanting more to get to where we want to be financially or personally, or we're feeling stuck, we will learn game-breaking approaches so we can amass the dreams we desire.


Have you ever felt caught up in a futile state of rejecting your inner gifts? Are you living in frustration and unable to fully express yourself? Learn steps and simple exercises so you can develop self-mastery and know your power and purpose. My blueprint course will guide you.

Awaken Your Inner Goddess Retreats

" I will be continuing my growth and learning going forward "

Since June 2018 I have completed eleven Awaken Your Inner Goddess Retreats. Each one has taken me on a self-discovery journey and heightened my insight and deepened my awareness of myself.
Jocelyn gave me my goddess name before I attended any of the retreats and I must admit, I didn’t really resonate with it at the time. I can say I have truly grown into my name with each retreat and now embrace it fully, I own it baby! 'Goddess of The Sultry Fire'
I am truly grateful to Jocelyn and the amazing connections I have made with the other goddesses, and after experiencing the workshops together we have a deep connection and love for each other.
I will be continuing my growth and learning going forward. I highly recommend you to Awaken your own Inner Goddess.
Alison Birtwistle xx
" I highly recommend this course, learning the truth about the innate power of the body "

Jocelyn is an incredible facilitator who holds space for us all to truly shine, as we step into our highest possible version and reclaim our Inner Goddess. I highly recommend this course, learning the truth about the innate power of the body, the Chakra System and how you can incorporate some simple yet profoundly effective daily habits to enhance your life, your relationship (s) with yourself and others. I also love the sisterhood that you gain from choosing YOU, in doing so you truly find those like minded souls who enrich your life.
Meeting Jocelyn has transformed my life and awakened me to the power I've had all along.
I am forever grateful to you Jocelyn for sharing your wisdom with such love and non attachment.
Love Vanessa Browne xx


AYIGoddess Blueprint Course - your investment $197 or use our payment plan so you can use this shortcut to claim your Soul Purpose.
Namaste x